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Balayage Upon consultation
Full Foil Highlights
from $110
Partial Foil from $90
Surface Foil from $80
Low Lights from $35
Face Framing from $50
Full Root to Ends from $70
Color Retouch from $60
Virgin Bleach & Tone
from $210
Bleach Retouch & Tone
from $185
Additional Toners from $65
Color Gloss from $50
Corrective Color Upon consultation
Extra Color $20 per 40 grams

Custom Hair Coloring

Aveda Hair ColorYour Tecnicolors hair color is custom formulated just for you. Our master colorists use only Aveda’s 98% natural hair colors to guarantee rich, glowing color and shiny, healthy hair. We ask that you consult with your colorist before any color, highlight, corrective color, permanent wave or relaxer. This consultation is complimentary and is our way of assuring your complete satisfaction.

Aveda Hair Products

Hair coloring products

Hair coloring products generally fall into four categories: temporary, semi-permanent, deposit only (demi-permanent), and permanent hair color. “Hair lightening,” referred to as “bleaching” or “decolorizing,” is a chemical process involving the diffusion of the natural color pigment or artificial color from the hair. This process is central to both permanent hair colors and hair lighteners.

All permanent haircolor products and lighteners contain both a developer, or oxidizing agent, and an alkalizing ingredient such as ammonia or an ammonia substitute. The purpose of this is to:

  • Raise the cuticle of the hair fiber so the tint can penetrate
  • Facilitate the formation of tints within the hair fiber
  • Bring about the lightening action of peroxide

When the tint containing the alkalizing ingredient is combined with the developer (usually hydrogen peroxide), the peroxide becomes alkaline and diffuses through the hair fiber, entering the cortex, where the melanin is located. The lightening occurs when the alkaline peroxide breaks up the melanin and replaces it with new color.

Temporary hair dyes

The pigment molecules in temporary hair color are large and, therefore, do not penetrate the cuticle layer, allowing only a coating action that may be removed by shampooing.

Acid dyes are used to coat the surface of hair, since acid dyes have a low affinity to hair, thus can be removed after a shampoo. The penetration and color strength of temporary hair color can usually be improved by applying a bleaching prior to the application of the hair color.

Temporary hair color is available in various product forms including rinses, shampoos, gels, sprays, and others. This type of hair color is typically used to give brighter, more vibrant shades or colors such as orange or red, that may be difficult to achieve with semi-permanent and permanent hair color. This phenomenon is due to the fact that temporary hair colorants do not penetrate the hair shaft itself. Instead, these dyes adhere to the cuticle of the hair and can be easily removed with a single shampooing. However, even temporary hair coloring agents can persist if the user’s hair is excessively dry or damaged, conditions that allow for migration of the dye from the exterior to the interior of the follicle. While temporary hair color products hold a lesser market than semi-permanent and permanent agents, they have value in that they can be easily and quickly removed without bleaching or application of a different dye.

Semi-permanent hair dyes

Formulated to deposit color on the hair shaft without lightening it. This formula has smaller molecules than those of temporary tinting formulas, and is therefore able to penetrate the hair shaft. These colors may be used with heat for penetration. It also lasts longer than temporary hair color, keeping intact up to 8-14 shampoos. They are great for hair that is damaged and fragile. Semi-permanent hair color has no Ammonia.

Demi-permanent hair dyes

Aveda has found a way with its Deposit-Only Color Treatment to use a permanent hair color for deposit only. This is done by mixing permanent hair color with low volume developer that deposits only into the hair shaft with no lifting of the natural color. Deposit-Only Color Treatment is a gentle permanent color used whenever you want to deposit color without lifting the natural pigment but with the deep penetration results of permanent hair color. Since it is gentle, it is perfect for tint-backs and colorpriming. It is also great for toning pre-lightened hair.

Permanent hair dyes

Permanent Color is best choice for grey hair coverage. It has a oxidative dye that also uses ammonia and peroxide to lift the natural pigment & deposit the new color, going deep into the hair shaft. The use of ammonia opens the cuticle of the hair to penetrate the color pigments deep in the hair shaft.

Special effects

Special effects include highlighting techniques (such as foil highlighting, Ombre, and Balayage) and vivid, unusual hair colors such as green, blue, violet or fuchsia. Highlighting can range from temporary to permanent, using the techniques listed above and an individualized application process. One can create looks that range from subtle highlights acquired during a day at the beach, to more dramatic looks, such as bold, chunky highlights.   One of the most in demand techniques today is Balayage.  Balayage is a French word to describe a broad sweep of color and is a hand painting technique that gives the soft, sun-kissed look you see in children’s hair.  Ombre is a French word for shadow and creates a gradual lightening toward the ends of the hair strands with a darker root area.  Both techniques produce a softer, less noticeable regrowth line. 

The more exotic, bright dyes typically contain only tint, and have no developer. Colors cover the full spectrum of the rainbow. Individuals with darker hair (medium brown to black) are advised to have the hair pre-bleached prior to tint application for the full effect of the color. Some people with fair hair may benefit from prior bleaching as well, as the yellow undertones of blonde hair can make blue dye look green. These dyes are less permanent, and tend to “bleed” onto other fabric even when dry. Users should anticipate staining of light-colored pillows for a week or so after application.

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